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to my two year old

The wind & the wind whence the wind

blows the wind & how do I explain the wind to you in terms

of isotherms / unconvincingly I’m sure & doesn’t wind

you say come from trees like little handheld

fans thus & forget Aeolus though he is the Keeper of the Winds

the west wind

we are & are we perhaps we are / bantam Cleopatras dolled

up in black kohl eye-liner cooled & once were we adolescents in

green eye

-shadow & linen pageant-ry & tunics

waving & ours the foliage was palm frond fans

& we were young then nothing but limbs & when the wind

moved our little limbs we moved with the wind moved

the wind we made the wind move /

what is the wind I say it is the unfamiliar the isopleth

I say & every bit & head to tail an old windbag as a type of theft / its 

tether isn’t much

its hide so thin di-stills the wind for you un- winds the wind

the wounded

wind was once so taught to you I sayto you

& howl & how un / -romantically

First published in issue 38/39, Winter 2015, of Third Coast.